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Are intra workout Supplements worth it?

By January 31, 2019No Comments

You may be wondering why you need to consider an intra workout supplement when you already consume pre and post workout solutions. Are intra workout supplements worth it?

Are intra workout Supplements worth it? | BCAA Capsules | Trilogy

The answer in short is yes. If you want to accelerate your workout progress and boost recovery, you should be using a high quality intra workout supplement. And here’s why.

In order to develop the perfect intra workout supplement, sports scientists thoroughly researched how the body metabolises carbohydrates. They also considered how it is absorbed into the blood and in turn the performance outcomes.

The results verified that optimal levels of carbohydrates with water, were more effective in boosting workout performance than straight up H2O. Further research pushed passed the simplified theory that an effective intra workout supplement is purely carbohydrates as both fat and protein were deemed less efficient energy sources. 

Whilst this is technically true advances in testing showed carbohydrates improve performance and recovery, but they aren’t the only or most optimal option. 

Present day high quality intra workout supplementation benefits

Fast forward from the 90’s to present day intra workout supplements comprising of a formulation of both amino acids and electrolytes.

When you work out, your body water weight can decrease by two to three percent which can cause a significant drop in performance. Keeping properly hydrated during a workout is essential, along with taking an intra workout supplement. Our Trilogy Ion Aminos Intra Workout is the only practitioner blend of essential amino acids and electrolytes currently available on the market.

Why do we have electrolytes in our intra workout supplement?

Electrolytes are chemicals that form electrically charged particles (ions) in body fluids. Not only do they work to regulate body fluids, electrolytes are extremely important to replenish during a workout as they keep the muscles from cramping and all other bodily functions performing at top levels. Prime electrolyte levels within the body will also help to optimise the digestive, muscular and nervous systems. Your body loses electrolytes through sweat which is why they are an essential component of ION AMINOS. If your body is low on electrolytes you may experience muscle fatigue, dizziness, and nausea.

What are the benefits of Amino Acids in an intra workout supplement?

Amino Acids are also essential to a high-performance work out and are a component of our Ion Aminos Intra Workout Supplement. A high concentration of amino acids in the bloodstream can considerably increase exercise-induced protein synthesis. This helps the body to boost recovery and reduce muscles soreness post workout. 

A large portion of our cells, muscles and tissue are made up of amino acids. They play a key role in the transfer of nutrients within the body and work to repair muscle tissue. Ion Aminos contains the three essential amino acids:

  • Isoleucine: To boost endurance during a workout and aid in muscle repair. It also provides a form of glucose for energy.
  • Leucine: Used to stimulate protein synthesis which gives your body more building blocks to build more protein.
  • Valine: helps with maintaining the nitrogen balance in the body and is needed for muscle metabolism

It’s necessary to consume an intra workout supplement during the workout as your muscles can receive up to 500% increased blood flow, boosting the delivery of the amino acids. It is the most prime time for nutrition absorption.

Trilogy Nutrition – ION AMINOS – The only practitioner blend of essential amino acids and electrolytes currently available on the market!!

Trilogy Nutrition Ion Aminos is a comprehensive amino and electrolyte blend scientifically formulated to restore balance in the body without unnecessary added sugar. 

This amazing product is an electrolyte blend scientifically formulated to restore balance in the body without any unnecessary sugars. It includes important vitamin co-factors to help assimilation, as well as improved collagen production within the body.

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Trilogy Nutrition – BCAA Supplements – Feature a combination of the essential amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine!!

As well as the three essential Amino Acids, our formulation also contains Alpha Lipoic acid.
Lipoic acid is critical in glycolysis and in the Krebs cycle, two complex biochemical processes essential for the generation of cellular energy. Lysine is also an essential amino acid that is a necessary building block for all protein and assists in building muscle proteins.

BCAA Supplements are optimal for:

  • An increase in fat burning and can support fat loss
  • BCAA’s trigger muscle protein synthesis
  • Aiding with long endurance activities
  • BCAA’s decrease muscle soreness

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