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Best protein powder for men and women

By May 28, 2018No Comments

What is the best protein powder for men and what is the best protein powder for women? It’s the age old (and most googled) protein powder question. Whether you’re looking to gain muscle or lose weight, protein powder can help you to better achieve your fitness goals. Adding protein powder to your diet will help you to recover post workout and keep you feeling fuller for longer, avoiding overeating.

Let’s start with why Whey Protein Powder is often the best for men.
The best protein powder for men and women | Whey or Vegan | Trilogy

You’ll find that most men’s fitness website opt for Whey Protein Powder as the best protein for men. This is because whey protein combined with a consistent fitness routine builds muscle fast. The best whey protein powders contain whey protein isolate and/or whey protein hydrolysates—the purest forms of whey, which digest the fastest. Whey Protein is also great for:

  1. Consuming whey protein combined with your resistance training results in greater increases in fat-free mass and muscle strength.
  2. Whey can help to reduce levels of ghrelin, a chemical that tells your brain you’re hungry. Whey Protein Shakes a great way to help prevent overeating.

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What Protein Powder is best for women?

It’s important to remember, protein powder isn’t just for men and body builders. Regardless of our individual fitness goals, we all need muscle. You won’t get bulky like men either. Men a larger and produce the hormone testosterone, which is why the develop muscle faster and more easily.

Because of their larger size, men have more muscle mass. This means that the average man requires more protein per day than the average woman.

So what protein powder is best for women? It’s a trick question. Women can take the same protein powder as men just in smaller doses.

However, we do recommend you look for protein powder that is:

  • Low-calorie protein sources like whey isolate, pea protein
  • High quality ingredients and low in sugar
  • If you have dairy allergies or digestive issues, try a Vegan Plant Based Protein Powder.

Trilogy Whey and Vegan Protein Powders

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Trilogy Nutrition goes to great lengths to ensure only the finest quality ingredients are used in our protein powders. Our Whey and Whey Protein Powders contain NO gluten, NO soy, NO transfats, LOW lactose, NO wheat, NO egg, NO yeast, NO artificial flavours or sweeteners, NO artificial colours, NO corn and only NON Synthetic Ingredients.

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