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Build Your Happiness Muscles

By February 20, 2020No Comments

Did you know that you can grow joy? It’s true. To a certain extent, everyone is capable of managing their own happiness. Psychologists have even come up with a few general rules on how to bring more positive emotions into your life.

Spending time with loved ones

Try to surround yourself with people who love you and who love you back. Studies show that oxytocin, one of the happiness hormones, is produced when you have tight knit relationships.

Helping friends

Help a friend in need and try to take part in your friends’ lives. Doing so can improve your wellbeing and mental health. Expressing sincere kindness to other people activates the part of your brain that’s responsible for satisfaction. The more you help others, the better you feel.


This could be gardening, joining a sporting team, knitting, working out or any other thing that you enjoy doing. Doing what you like means you can improve your mood and self-esteem, increase your energy and distract yourself from problems if any arise.


Mindful meditation promotes feeling the moment, understanding yourself and becoming aware of your desires and aspirations. Meditation helps the part of your brain that manages your emotions work better and keeps you in a good mood, even when you face difficulties.

The little joys in life

Life is made up of little things, and some of them are bound to be joyful. Try to find something every day that makes your life better, brighter and more fulfilling.

Having pets

When you play with your furry friends or pet them, your brain produces serotonin and oxytocin, simultaneously decreasing stress hormones. This also normalises your blood pressure, removes anxiety and even boosts your immune system.