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Creative ways to get more protein into your diet

By May 21, 2020No Comments

You don’t need to be a dietitian to know that protein is an essential part of the human diet. Consumption of protein is necessary for our cells to grow, build and repair – and lack of protein can lead to muscle weakness. So if you’re an active gymgoer or athlete, this is even more important.

Supplements such as our WPI Natural Vanilla Protein Powder are a great way to up your intake of protein on a daily basis – and a simple shake or smoothie is the quickest and easiest way to whip this up.   

But sometimes a shake or smoothie doesn’t quite hit the spot and you might crave something a little bit more substantial. Or maybe you’re just not a big fan of smoothies – we all have different tastes and preferences, after all!

To help you achieve a balanced diet containing the right nutrients, we turned to our staff and customers to ask them for their favourite high-protein recipes and we’ve listed them all below.


This one is a favourite amongst everyone we asked. Not only are Protein Pancakes delicious – they’re also warm, filling, nutritious and can be eaten at any time of the day.

The options are endless with pancakes – add fruits, yogurt or honey for some healthy toppings or mix up the batter with our WPI Natural Chocolate Protein Powder if you’ve really got a sweet tooth.

You could even try savoury pancakes for a tasty lunch or dinner, if you want to get creative.


Your morning coffee is your daily ritual. So why not let is serve 2 purposes by adding a scoop of protein powder in place of a sweetener or creamer.

This idea is especially handy for those who skip breakfast (the most important meal of the day!) This way, you’ll be getting in some extra nutrition to start your day the right way – without even thinking about it.


Snacking on plain fruit can become boring. Try whipping up a healthy dipping sauce containing our 100% Natural Vegan Plant Protein Powder (Chocolate) for a great way to liven up your arvo snack. Simply combine a scoop of powder, a tablespoon of nut butter and a tablespoon of water. We recommend trying this with strawberries and apples. Delish!


Protein bars came onto the scene a couple of years ago and have become increasingly popular ever since. You can find them in supermarkets, cafes and restaurants alike – but to save on the marked up price tag, try making them at home!

Protein bars are often filled with healthy ingredients including nuts and dried fruits and combining these with our vanilla or chocolate flavored protein powders makes for the perfect guilt-free treat.

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