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What is the difference between Whey and Pea Protein?

By December 29, 2017No Comments
People often ask us at Trilogy what the difference is between Whey and Pea Protein.

Let’s start with why it is essential to have the optimum intake of protein every day. Put simply, every cell in your body contains protein. For our bodies to generate and repair new cells we need protein.

Our bodies use protein to build and repair tissue. This is why we aim to have a protein shake after a workout. Unfortunately unlike carbs, our body doesn’t store protein.

Protein is also beneficial in:

– Speeding up your post workout recovery
– Building lean muscle
– Helping to curb hunger

Protein as we all know comes in various forms including eggs, meat, nuts and various protein powders. We agree food is always the best option for you main meals. Protein powders however provide a convenient option for a mid morning or mid afternoon snack. They are also the quickest way of getting protein into the body to repair and recover after a training session.

What is the difference between Whey and Pea Protein? | Trilogy Nutrition
But which protein powder is best for your body? What is the difference between Whey and Pea Protein?

Whey Protein is made from milk and is highly regarded as the ultimate protein supplement. However, if your body or diet restrictions don’t allow for this dairy based supplement, Pea Protein is another great alternative.

Both powders contain the essential amino acids your body needs to repair itself after a workout (however some would comment that Pea Protein is lower in methionine and cysteine).

One stand out difference is that Whey Protein is known as a fast acting protein and therefore your body will in most cases digest it quickly and easily which makes is a great option as a post training shake. Pea Protein on the other hand is known to be slow digesting, so it may keep you feeling fuller for longer, perfect for smoothies during the day. Pea protein is also obviously vegan friendly.

What it comes down to is how well your body tolerates dairy, any dietary restrictions you may have and your preferred taste. It’s also important to check the sugar levels in the nutritional table when buying protein powder.

At Trilogy we offer both Whey and Pea Protein Powders. We have worked hard to ensure that all of our powders taste amazing and have a good consistancy and mix well.

Trilogy Pure NZ WPI is manufactured using a cross flow micro-filtration process that is ultra-filtered to give you the purest, undenatured soluble whey protein isolate that is not only low in fat, but also very low in sugar, has next to zero lactose, contains 100% natural flavourings, is gluten free and contains a very high percentage of protein and naturally high BCAA’s per serve. It has been sourced from grass feed cows in New Zealand and considered the gold standard for Whey Protein.

Shop the Pure NZ WPI Natural Vanilla Protein here and Chocolate here.

Our 100% Natural VEGAN PLANT Protein Powder is available in Chocolate and has a creamy smooth taste when mixed with almond milk. Containing all the essential amino acids, Trilogy VEGAN Protein is a premium plant based protein.

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