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Foods that trigger an inflammatory response in the body

By July 5, 2018July 6th, 2018No Comments

Want to know the foods that trigger an inflammatory response within the body? We’ve said it once and we will continue to say it again and again, a healthy gut is so important for so many reasons. Without repeating ourselves you can read our recent blog posts on gut health below.

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What we want to talk about today are the top foods that can cause inflammation. Sometimes you may be taking all the right supplements and exercising but unaware that some of the foods you’re consuming are causing gut inflammation.

First, what is inflammation doing to your body?

Basically, inflammation can be described as your bodies response to a potential threat ie. Foods that disrupt the healthy ecosystem of your gut. Inflammation triggers your immune system which has an overall effect on how you feel.

Navigating the foods that are good and bad for you can be difficult so below is a list of all the foods on the “inflammation trigger list.”


Sugar is the obvious culprit when it comes to gut inflammation. Excess sugar reduces the immune system’s ability to fight off infections and tissue damage. Whilst there are the obvious food groups to avoid such as cakes and chocolate, there are a lot of foods with hidden sugars. Many people are also unaware of the amount of sugar certain beverages contain even if they use the words “diet” or “zero calorie”. Be sure to drink plenty of water and avoid sugar-sweetened beverages.

Trans Fats

Trans Fats are insanely bad for your body and gut health as they increase bad cholesterol, promote inflammation, obesity, and resistance to insulin. Trans fats can be found predominantly in fried food, fast food and commercially baked goods.


Dairy tends to trigger an inflammatory response in most people. This is because milk contains casein, an inflammatory protein. You may find that after you eat dairy products your stomach feels uneasy or you have a more severe physical reaction such as a skin rash.   This is because your body stops producing lactase enzymes, causing your intestine to struggle to digest dairy. In fact, approximately 70% of the global population can’t tolerate dairy and have an inflammatory response.

Refined Grains

Refined grains offer no nutritional value to your diet. They have no fibre and a high glycaemic index. Refined grains include white rice, pasta and white bread. On top of their lack of nutritional value, they metabolise into sugar very quickly which can cause a blood sugar spike and inflammatory response within the body. It’s important to be wary of their wholegrain counterparts ie wholegrain pasta and eat in moderation to avoid gut inflammation.


Finally, there’s alcohol, one of the biggest culprits to gut inflammation. Alcohol puts stress on your liver and weakens its ability to function properly. Excess drinking causes the liver to accumulate fat, which can lead to fatty liver disease. It also causes irritation and inflammation within the stomach lining.

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