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Getting more fruits & vegetables into the kids diet

By September 29, 2020No Comments

Have you got a fast-food or sweet lover on your hands? Being a parent is tough (but rewarding) and sometimes trying to get your child to eat broccoli can only top off a tough day.

Let’s look at recipes and some ways to make fruit and veggies fun – because we know that these healthy habits should start young.

Think about what your child loves and let’s put it on the menu!

Wizards? How about carrot wands as a snack, with a special hummus potion to dip into!

Brownies? Let’s make Choc Berry brownies! Find our awesome recipe here:

Fire trucks? Well, let’s serve up some fire truck capsicums!

We could go on forever but you know your child best so put on your creative hat and relate it to something they love.

  • Kids love being creative and are like sponges when it comes to hearing and seeing (just like the naughty word you accidentally said and they kept repeating… whoops!) so work with colours! Create a masterpiece on their plate that makes it exciting to eat. Even take photos so they remember how much fun it was! Bonus: a fun activity at the supermarket is buying ‘supplies’ for your masterpiece. Get them to pick out colourful fruit and vegetables to use later on. Eat the rainbow!
  • If you have the time and space, look into a herb or vegetable garden. Teach them how to grow, water, and nourish the plant into food that transfers straight to their plate. This real-world activity is the best way to educate – and you get to bond at the same time because food is fun when made with your parents! Who knows, you might end up with a mini chef on your hands!
  • Are they only enjoying the first few bites before throwing it on the ground? Sheesh! We know just the trick – it’s Trilogy Super Fruits & Greens. They will never know – we promise! It’s perfect for adding into smoothies, breakfast bowls, and even pancakes! This formula is packed with more than 20 fruits and vegetables for your daily and essential vitamins and nutrients. It’s wonderful for enhanced energy, aiding in digestion, and improves metabolism and detoxification. Simple and brilliant!

The last tip we’ll leave you with is this: eat as a family whenever possible. Research shows that kids eat more vegetables and fruits and less fried foods and sugary drinks when they eat with the entire family. Children learn by example and watching you eat the same foods will no doubt encourage them to do the same.

We’d love to hear your ideas too! Head to our Facebook or Instagram page and leave us a comment – how do you get more fruits and veggies into your kids diet!?

Don’t forget to check out Trilogy’s Super Fruits & Greens formula over at It comes in 3 yummy flavours including Strawberry & Kiwi, Berry and Espresso so you can try all three and see which one your children love best!