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Healthy Grocery Shopping – A How to Guide

By August 30, 2019No Comments

Successfully navigating your weekly food shop can be a key component of making and adhering to healthier nutritional habits. Here are some helpful shopping tips to have up your sleeve when heading to the supermarket.

Always take a shopping list! Know your grocery store and go with a list of healthy foods. If possible, even try to have your list following the order items are laid out in the store. This will help you resist temptation and it speeds up shopping because you’re not wasting time cruising the aisles looking for what you need.

Don’t shop hungry! If you head into the grocery store famished, before you know it, you are adding cookies to the trolley and opening them in your lap on the way home. Avoid hangry impulse purchases by having a small snack or meal 1-2 hours before you shop. Make sure it is balanced, including some protein and goods fats or carbohydrates to keep you feeling satiated.

Stick to the perimeter of the store! This is an old tip but still runs true for most supermarkets. The fresh produce, meat, fish and dairy are generally on the outside perimeter of the store. These areas should be the main focus of your shop. Avoiding the processed food aisles will limit unhealthy temptation.

Shop seasonal! For fruits and veggies, we recommend buying seasonal items – which means they are cheaper AND they taste better. When seasonal fruits like summer berries are at their peak, stock up and freeze them to use later. Perfect for popping into your post workout smoothie.

Buy the rainbow! Fill your trolley with all the colours of the rainbow – think leafy greens, red capsicum, purple cabbage, orange sweet potato and yellow squash. Not only does this increase your nutrient intake, it also keeps your meals interesting – which is key to help you stick to your plan long term.