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How long does it take for your nutritional supplements to kick in?

By May 18, 2018No Comments

How long does it take for your nutritional supplements to ‘kick in’?

Sometimes taking vitamins can be a bit of a knee jerk reaction. At the first sign of a cold or sore muscles we usually reach for the appropriate supplement. However, how long does it take for your nutritional supplements to kick in?

According to nutritionists, it really depends on what the supplement is. Some are more readily absorbed into the body than others. Supplements such as iodine that work to improve your thyroid and metabolism, can work within days.

If you are reaching for the supplements due to a deficiency, you may find they have a faster reaction on the body. It’s not only sickness, aches and pains that are a sign of deficiency. You may be suffering from IBS, bad digestion or your diet just isn’t cutting it.

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How long does it take for your nutritional supplements
Can your diet aid in supplement absorption?

In a nutshell, yes it can! The better your gut health and digestive system the better you absorb nutrients. A healthy gut plays an important role when it comes to helping your body produce and synthesize vitamins and minerals.

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Should I be taking nutritional supplements regularly?

Nutritional supplements can enhance your health in different ways and many work best by taking the daily prescribed amount. Every individual is different so it is best to ask guidance from a qualified nutritionist as to the supplements you should be taking daily.

Your vitamin intake will also be a reflection on your lifestyle. If you work out daily you may require a Magnesium supplement to help with muscle cramps and detoxification. It’s also a great remedy for helping relax the nervous system for a good night’s rest.

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How do I know that I am taking quality nutritional supplements?

At Trilogy Nutrition, our supplements are TGA and GMP approved and operate under stringent quality control and assurance procedures. We only use the purest and finest ingredients possible, and our products contain no GMO. Our products are evidence demonstrated and support scientific studies to back up all claims of improving your health.