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How to beat the Easter bloat

By March 29, 2018No Comments

Can you believe it’s Easter 2018 already? Apart from the Christmas Season, Easter can be just as cruel when you find yourself surrounded by chocolate and trying to stay on your fitness regime.

How do you beat the Easter bloat? And more importantly how do you sidestep all the Easter eggs thrown your way for the next 4 days?

Here are our simple tips to beating the Easter bloat. Just remember, you don’t want to undo the first quarter of you 2018 fitness and nutrition plan.
How to beat the Easter bloat 2018 | Trilogy Nutritional Supplements
Stay hydrated.

Put simply if you stay hydrated your body functions better and it will help you to avoid overeating at family and friend events this Easter. Encourage yourself to drink more water by adding cucumber or lemon to a glass jug of water in the fridge. Did you see our latest blog on how much water you should drink each day? Check it out here.

Sit at the table for every meal.

Much like Christmas, a holiday means that you can often find yourself surrounded by food and leftovers. It can be easy to over indulge in front of the TV or standing next to a grazing plate. Make sure you sit down with your food prepared on a plate for every meal. Don’t eat mindlessly in front of the TV. When you sit at the dining table it can help to slow the rate at which you eat food.  Eating slowly also allows your brain enough time to recognise the signals from your stomach to let you know you’re full.

Catch up on sleep.

Getting a full 8 hours sleep a night it one of the most important things that you can do for your body. Your sleep can have a direct connection to your digestion. The breakdown, digestion and absorption of your food can take a large amount of energy and sleep allows your digestive organs to repair themselves and perform at their optimum. Lack of sleep can also make you more inclined to stress which also effects your digestive system.

Want to improve your sleep regime?

If you are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep you may find you are low on Magnesium. Magnesium has a calming effect on your body’s nervous system and relaxes the muscles. Check out our sleeping tips here!

Try GABAMAG our very own Trilogy Magnesium formula.


Finally, when you do your big Easter shop for the family try to buy quality food. Stock your fridge this Easter with high quality fruit, vegetables and healthy carbs such as sweet potato. This will eliminate the temptation to grab an easter egg when you have fresh fruits and snacks as an alternative.