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How to keep your Fitness New Year’s Resolutions

By January 22, 2018No Comments
It’s no surprise that gym memberships hit an all-time high in January, only to return to normal by mid Feb.
Whether you are one of those people or not, it’s always good to learn some new tips and tricks to keep your New Year’s fitness resolutions. Most of us feel the need to a). Detox and b). Shed the extra Christmas cake at the beginning of the year.
But why not keep that motivation throughout 2018? Let’s make 2018 your year to stay consistent with your health goals and best the best you, you can be.
Check out these awesome tips below for how to keep your fitness New Year’s resolutions in 2018.
How to keep your Fitness New Year's Resolutions | Vitamin Supplements | Trilogy Nutrition
 Take Before & After Photos
You’ve probably seen before and after weight loss photos all over Instagram. They are so common because they are a great motivational tool to have.
Looking back on something you didn’t like about yourself, can push you forward to be the best version of yourself.
Get your partner or family member to take some before photos. It can be hard at first but in the long run rewarding to watch your body transform. Try to take monthly photos to track your progress. You’ll notice more changes by comparing the photos rather than just looking in the mirror.
Goal Setting
When writing goals down goals you really need to challenge yourself. Instead of writing vague goals like “I want to lose weight” be more specific.
Do you want to decrease body fat? What is your current body fat percentage? And what is your ideal body weight?
Speak to an expert when it comes to your health and weight goals. Weight isn’t always the defining factor as muscle mass can skew your results. An expert will be able to tell you your exact body makeup, tolerance levels and fat percentage. These specific measurements are a great start to improve on and set goals to.
Sustainable Goals
Making sure your goals are realistic and sustainable is crucial. Try to make tweaks to your lifestyle for the better, like drinking 3L of water a day or making sure you exercise for 30 minutes a day.
Even trying to avoid certain foods that may be a guilty pleasure of yours. Cutting out sugared cereals, juice or even sugar in your coffee, can make a big difference to your everyday lifestyle. Before long, you won’t even miss them!
Try a Nutritionist
See a nutritionist to learn what vitamins you may be lacking. Sometimes it takes a professional to make sure that you don’t have any vitamin deficiencies that could be hindering your progress.
Also, take the time to learn about each vitamin and how it will benefit your body, rather than just taking it. If you know exactly what it is doing to your body, there will be more motivation to take them daily. You’ll also learn more about yourself and how to nourish your body!
If you’re wondering how vitamins benefit your body and overall life style, read our vitamin blogs including 5 Benefits of Zinc in your Diet and What is the deal with Magnesium?
Writing a Food Diary
Tracking what you eat and drink can keep you focused on your diet, as well as hold you accountable for the smaller ‘snacks’ that don’t seem to count.
Start by writing down the food items you eat for every meal, including snacks and drinks. Recording this will ensure accountability for everything you put in your mouth and make you question unnecessary treats.
Let’s ensure you keep your fitness New Year’s Resolutions in 2018. Hold yourself accountable and check your goals list every now and then as a reminder to stay focused on the end game. Rate yourself monthly on each goal, and comment how well you went or what you could improve.
We hope 2018 is your year!