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Pendulum Pull Ups: The Next Best Lat Workout.

By February 28, 2019No Comments

Do you love feeling sore after a solid workout? Even days after your gym session? If that is the case, then Pendulum Pull Ups will become your next go-too.

What is a Pendulum Pull Up?

A Pendulum Pull Up is where you hang onto a pendulum rod and pull yourself up, rotating each side. Using one hand as a stabiliser, the other hand is worked. Different to a regular chin up, this type of pull up works each side separately. However you can alternate sides within each set.

Benjamin Soing illustrates what you need to look out for, when conducting your Pendullum Pull Up:

“The key is ensuring minimal momentum is being used in the movement. Aiming to pull the elbows into the obliques while keeping the body straight will really force the lats to work in overdrive, creating that delicious pump.”

To get the most out of this workout, Benjamin suggests:

“Tempo wise, an explosive concentric and slow eccentrics with a complete stop when the body is hanging straight vertically is most effective for hypertrophy. The unilateral variations are more difficult and require more control, so pick your level and give these bad boys a go.”

So, there you have it. Are you game enough to try the Pendulum Pull Up?

To see a demo of Benjamin illustrating the perfect Pendulum Pull Up or for his explanation of this exercise, see the Instagram video posted below:

Pendulum Pull Ups | Trilogy Nutrition