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The best foods for your skin

By February 27, 2018No Comments

Want to know what you should be eating for healthy, glowing skin? There are so many specific foods that contain the essential vitamins you need for clear skin. The clarity of your skin can also more often be related to gut health. What you put in your mouth can be as important as what you put on your skin.

So what are the best foods to eat for your skin? Check them out below.

The Best Foods for Your Skin | How to get clear skin | Trilogy Nutritional Supplements
  1. Avocado

    Avocado contains healthy fatty acids and plenty of vitamin C and E. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen synthesis and vitamin E works to block free radicals from the body.

  2. Salmon

    Not only is salmon a great source of protein it contains omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammatory bodies and nourish your skin.

  3. Dark Chocolate

    This isn’t an excuse to go out and buy an abundance of dark chocolate. We are only talking two squares of a high percentage cocoa (70%+). It is high in antioxidants which is great for your skin. Antioxidants prevent free radicals from damaging your skin cells.

  4. Green Tea

    If you find you need something to sip on while you’re zoning out watching TV, opt for a green tea. It’s full of antioxidants and it is known to help reduce redness in the skin.

  5. Broccoli

    Broccoli is packed with vitamin C and E which, similar to avocado, aids in collagen production. Remember, collagen is what keeps your skin firm!

  6. Greek Yoghurt

    Greek yoghurt has a great protein content, just opt for the non-flavoured kind to reduce your sugar intake. Your skin uses protein to build and repair tissue.

  7. Walnuts

    Not only are they a great snack, Walnuts contain omega 3 essential fatty acids to improve your skin’s texture.

  8. Kidney Beans

    Kidney beans are high in zinc which has healing properties. Studies have shown that zinc supplements are beneficial for clearer skin and helping to fight off acne.

As we mentioned in our previous blog, whilst it’s essential to have a healthy diet, it’s still important to complement your nutritional intake with supplements.

Read about the benefits of taking quality nutritional supplements here.

If you feel as though you aren’t getting enough zinc in your diet, check out our Trilogy Zinc Synergy Supplements. Zinc helps to regulate the amount of testosterone in the body, which can be a cause of acne.  As always discuss your nutritional concerns with a specialist to determine which supplements are best for you.