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The Cable High Snatch Grip

By February 1, 2019No Comments

What is the cable high snatch grip? Courtesy of Performance Coach Benjamin Siong.

The cable snatch grip high pull is probably not the standard exercise you’ll see in a shoulder workout. However, it’s a useful little addition to a superset to recruit more type 2B fibres in the upper traps and medial deltoid fibres.

What are Type 2B Fibres?

Muscle fibre types can be broken down into two main types: slow twitch (Type 1) muscle fibres and fast twitch (Type 2) muscle fibres. These fast twitch fibres can be further categorised into Type 2A and Type 2B fibres. These are also respectively known as “fast twitch oxidative” and “fast twitch glycolytic”. Type 2B fibres are engaged in short-duration high-intensity bursts of energy such as maximal and near-maximal lifts and short sprints.

Benjamin Siong explains that the goal of his cable snatch grip is upper trap specific.

“Now before you weightlifting crusaders start getting a tad edgy, this is NOT meant to be a replacement movement for a snatch. Neither will I use it as an accessory movement for training a snatch. The trajectory, strength curve and movement pattern are simply different. These are 2 completely different exercises for different purposes,” Ben explains.

“The goal of this movement is upper trap specific, and is dependent on good trap and scapula coordination and recruitment. As such, the force generation is predominantly from the upper body. Unlike the snatch, where hamstrings and posterior chain is more dominant.”

There you have it, go and try out Ben’s addition to your workout library. Or if you’d like to watch his video explaining the movement, click here to see his Instagram.

The Cable High Snatch Grip | How to burn your traps | Trilogy Nutrition