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The effects of environmental toxins on your health

By August 15, 2018No Comments

Want to know the effects of environmental toxins on your health? The effects of environmental toxins such as plastic containers and water bottles, are no longer being swept under the rug. Consumers are becoming more educated on what is now being classed as an environmental toxin and how it is detrimental to their health.

The effects of environmental toxins on your health | How to avoid them | Trilogy

Furthermore, society is taking action in 2018 by moving to eliminate plastic containers and plastic bags that are resistant to degradation and adding to the problem.

But what are the varying environmental toxins and what can you do to help eliminate them from your body and lifestyle?

Toxins include;

– Lead, mercury, cadmium, and aluminium

–  Herbicides and pesticides

–  Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs);

and other persistent organic pollutants (organic chemical compound that is resistant to biodegradation).

Further to the above list, consumers are now being educated on ‘endocrine disrupting chemicals’ otherwise known as ‘Insidious EDCs.’ These are the products that we can start to eliminate from use including:

  • Plastic containers and drink bottles. This includes BPA-free plastics;
  • Non-organic fresh produce (which may have been exposed to herbicides and pesticides)
  • Meats (due to POPs animals may have consumed in water or soil);
  • Household cleaning products
  • Chemical filled make up and skin care products

How do endocrine disrupting chemicals impact the body?

The endocrine system is what keeps our body in balance and helps to promote natural growth and development.

EDCs effect the body by disrupting the function of hormones in the body. This in turn may affect the normal functions of tissues and organs.

In summary, hormones work in alliance with numerous bodily systems including the nervous system, reproductive system, kidneys, gut and liver to help maintain;

  • Energy levels
  • Fertility levels
  • Growth and development
  • The bodies response to stress and injury
 What can you do to help eliminate toxins from the body?

Most people start with eliminating any plastic containers and bottles from their house. Swapping to chemical free cleaning products and eliminating chemical pesticides or herbicides is also another easy step to take.

But what about your diet? Start by buying organic fruit and vegetables to reduce your exposure to EDC’s in the form of pesticides. Educate yourself on where your meat comes from and how it is farmed.

You can also take the right supplements to help maintain an internal balance and fight off toxins. A daily dose of Probiotics can be effective to support the health of your intestinal microbiome.

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