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The Key to Recovery is High Quality Post Workout Supplements

By October 26, 2018No Comments

The key to your workout recovery is high quality post workout supplements!

No matter what exercise you do, the faster you recover, the better you train. It’s awesome to push yourself at the gym to get the results you want, but sometimes we forget to take care of our bodies post workout. Muscle growth can’t happen without recovery, so it is essential to take the necessary means to ensure your body is 100% functional prior to your next workout.

If you want to get the most out of your future workouts you need to prioritise your post workout routine which includes taking high quality post workout supplements. As well as other lifestyle changes. Check out what you should be doing post workout below.

The key to Recovery is High Quality Post Workout Supplements

  1. Get serious with your post workout supplements

Whey protein is the most common post workout supplement, or if you prefer Vegan Protein. A whey protein shake will offer rapid absorption to help replenish glycogen levels, bump up your insulin levels and restore energy during the 30 minute window post workout. Insulin is great for inhibiting protein breakdown and stimulating protein synthesis.

Shop our Trilogy Whey Protein Powder here available in chocolate and vanilla.

Our Trilogy whey protein formula provides the best post workout kick without any artificial flavours or sweeteners. Trilogy WPI is manufactured using a cross flow micro-filtration process that is ultra-filtered to give you the purest soluble whey protein isolate. Our high-quality protein powder is not only low in fat, but also very low in sugar. It has next to zero lactose, contains 100% natural flavourings, is gluten free and contains a very high percentage of protein and naturally high BCAA’s per serve.

  1. Focus on getting quality sleep

We’ve written about the importance of sleep in numerous blogs. Getting a full 8 hours sleep allows your body to recover before your next training session. Sleep has a weighty effect on your mental wellbeing and muscle growth.

When you are asleep, a human growth hormone is released. Up to 70% of daily human growth hormone secretion occurs during early sleep. This is usually when the deepest sleep cycles occur. As well as a good night’s sleep, rest days are essential to recovery. Light movements such as going for a walk is known as active recovery, which helps stimulate blood flow and circulation to the muscles, whilst allowing them to recover.

  1. Are you taking high quality pre-workout supplements such as BCAAs?

You can read all about why you should be taking high quality BCAA supplements here BCAA’s have been proven to produce the greatest increases in muscle growth and lean muscle mass and help to improve the your workout recovery.

At Trilogy Nutrition we offer high quality BCAA Capsules featuring a combination of the essential amino acids. The combination of these three essential amino acids make up approximately one third of skeletal muscle in the human body and play an important role in protein synthesis.

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