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The military secret sleep technique that isn’t so secret anymore

By September 28, 2018October 18th, 2018No Comments

This sleep technique is burning up the internet with its promise to help you fall asleep within 2 minutes. And before you write it off, it’s claimed to have a 96% success rate.

Firstly, how did this military sleep technique come about?

It was said to be developed in 1981 specifically for pilots to help with sleep deprivation and prevent mistakes as a result of fatigue.

Lack of sleep can be associated with many physical and mental health problems. Not only can sleep deprivation lead to chronic health problems such as kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, obesity and depression, you can increase your risk of injury significantly.

Sleep is also a necessity for healthy brain functionality and your emotional wellbeing. Your long-term memory improves due to the strengthening of neural connections whilst you’re asleep. A good night’s sleep is also crucial for higher cortical function, your ability to multitask.

How to conduct the military sleep technique
  1. Begin the technique by lying in bed and consciously. Start by relaxing all the facial muscles. This includes the tongue, jaw and muscles around your eyes.
  2. Drop your shoulders and actively focus on relaxing the upper and lower parts of your arms.
  3. Next focus on breathing out and relaxing your chest and thighs. Follow this by relaxing your lower legs.
  4. Now for the challenging part. They say that once you have consciously relaxed all parts of your body, you need to clear your mind of all thoughts. Luckily for us they provide examples of how to do so.
  5. They key is to picture yourself in a relaxed location, more specifically a canoe on a calm lake with blue skies. Or a black velvet hammock in a pitch-black room. Alternatively repeat the words “don’t think” in your mind.

If you’re still struggling with sleep despite the above military technique, check out our blog on How to Improve Your Sleep” here.  We run through some simple techniques to try to better your sleeping habits.

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