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The rise of gummy supplements…but at what cost

By September 28, 2018October 18th, 2018No Comments

We’ve seen an influx of gummy supplements hit the market in the past few years. From the Kardashian endorsed Gummy Bear Hair supplements to the rainbow filled jars lining the ‘health’ aisles of supermarkets, the allure of candy like vitamins is deceptive.

Unfortunately, consumers don’t delve past the often unwarranted ‘health label’ on the gummy supplements jars. If you’re thinking they taste like lollies, you’d be right as there is a strong resemblance.

the rise of gummy supplements | Trilogy Nutrition

Most gummy supplements have glorified health benefits and unfortunately plenty of added sugar. In fact, on average a gummy supplement contains 2-3 grams of sugar. Ingredients in gummy supplements also tend to be of a much lower quality than traditional powder filled capsules.

ConsumerLab reportedly tested 37 brands of gummy multivitamins – the results showed that no brand came close to the quality or nutritional intake as an average vitamin supplement.  Up to 80% of gummy vitamins failed the testing (see here: The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration refers to gummy supplements as a “chewable lolly” which sums it up nicely. The TGA also currently states:

“The TGA has received signals that the presentation of gummy supplements may be misleading to consumers and, therefore, may be deficient in meeting regulatory requirements.”

The bottom line is, if you are going to be investing in nutritional supplements, don’t waste your money on poor quality vitamins.

How do you determine a good quality vitamin supplement?

Do your research on the company and avoid genetically modified products which are bad for your health. Look for supplements with no added sugars, no food colouring, no artificial flavours and no additives.

Trilogy Nutrition our supplements are TGA and GMP approved and operate under stringent quality control and assurance procedures. We only use the purest and finest ingredients possible, and our products contain no GMO. Our products are evidence demonstrated and support scientific studies to back up all claims of improving your health.

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