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Tips for healthy eating during isolation

By May 30, 2020No Comments

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on all of us in different ways. Whilst some of us have struggled with work and family life, others have struggled with maintaining a regular diet and exercise regime or keeping their mental health intact.

Whilst our priorities may have changed due to self-isolation requirements, it’s important to remember that a wholesome, balanced diet will benefit your body, your mindset and your overall wellbeing.


“Consistency is key” – a statement we hear often in relation to various parts of life. When it comes to eating habits, this is no different.

If you normally eat breakfast at 8am, lunch at midday and dinner at 6pm, try to stick to the same schedule whilst working from home (or not working at all). This will help to remind you to eat similar foods as before and avoid excessive snacking throughout the day.

A regular routine for sleeping, working and exercising should also be adhered to.


Chances are, you’ve got some more time on your hands than you’re used to. This gives you the perfect opportunity to test out some new recipes – or even unique ingredients that you haven’t cooked with before.  

The weather is cooling down – so why not try roasting some chestnuts for a warming snack rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin B and folic acid – or how about an Eggplant Parmigiana for a nutritious dinner that the whole family will enjoy!?


With your routine thrown out of whack, adjusting can be difficult – and sometimes you may need a helping hand. Our Super Fruits + Greens formula contains your daily source of vitamins and minerals with the antioxidant power of 20+ servings of fruit and vegetables.

It’s incredibly easy to mix – just combine 1 scoop into a glass of chilled water. Or if you want to be more creative, whip up some icy poles for a tasty treat or dessert option.


If you still haven’t jumped on the #mealprep train – you’re missing out! Not only does meal prepping ahead of time save the stress of cooking later on – it also ensures your eating the right proportions.

Some food types store better than others (and for different lengths of time), so it’s a good idea to do your research and plan appropriately before making a start.

Homemade protein bars containing our WPI Natural Vanilla Protein Powder are also great to have on the go. They last for ages, so you’ll have pre-prepared snacks to enjoy at home (or anywhere) with minimal effort.

Staying healthy during isolation is no easy feat but remember that this is a temporary change. Consider it a challenge to overcome by adopting new behaviours and you’ll start to reap the rewards in no time.

Reach out the Trilogy Nutrition team at any time should you have any questions about our range of supplements.