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Tips to overcome anxiety

By February 6, 2018No Comments

First of all, it doesn’t hurt to have some tips to overcome anxiety in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, individuals suffering from anxiety and depression are at an all-time high in 2018. This is said to be due platforms such as social media, that inadvertently compare everyone’s lives in a bid to see who is living the most extravagant lifestyle.

Anxiety is not only derived from social platforms but due to many lifestyle factors such as work, family and social events. Negative lifestyle choices can also increase an individual’s anxiety. Drinking alcohol, lack of exercise or bad dietary choices can all have a negative impact on the mind.

Luckily there are many ways to beat anxiety ranging from lifestyle changes to the right vitamin supplements. Check out our top ways to beat anxiety below.

How to beat anxiety | Tips to overcome anxiety | Trilogy Nutrition Supplements
1. Acceptance of anxiety

The first step to beating the potential road blocks of anxiety is acceptance. It is ok to feel vulnerable at times, you are not alone. Most people submit to the pressures of the modern-day world at times. The key is learning how to work through these periods and deal with them in a healthy manner.

2. Exercise to reduce anxiety

Exercise isn’t just for your physical fitness. Getting physical at the gym, outside or wherever you prefer to exercise reduces stress. When you exercise, you produce endorphins, a chemical in the brain that has a natural analgesic effect, natures pain killer. Regular exercise will help to beat anxiety as it regulates your mood and improves sleeping patterns. It is said that 5 minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects. Aim for 30 minutes a day to keep a healthy mind and body.

3. Nutritional Supplements to treat anxiety

There are several nutritional and natural supplements that have been shown to help alleviate anxiety and balance our moods. Vitamin B Complex improves cognitive performance and maintains energy and mood levels. A study from Swinburne University in Melbourne found that participants taking a Vitamin B-Complex supplement reported a 20% reduction in work related stress.

Magnesium is another essential nutritional supplement when it comes to fighting off anxiety. Sleep is extremely important for mental health and helps the body and mind overcome stress and anxiety. Magnesium deficiency has been linked to anxiety in several clinical studies. Taking a magnesium supplement daily helps relieve nervous tension – stress and mild anxiety.

If you’re in need of magnesium supplements the Trilogy Nutrition GABAMAG Capsules are a formula designed to promote relaxation, fight the effects of stress and improve restful sleep.

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4.  Keep a Gratitude Log

Finally, why not try a Gratitude Log? The idea behind a Gratitude Log is to write down the everyday positives that happen to you. There are countless things to be grateful for on a daily basis and writing them down helps you to change your perspective on life. You begin to internalise the positivity as a result of the log and it can have a very sound effect on the mind. Whether it be a promotion at work, a relationship or even an event that made you feel happy, write it down in your daily log.