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Want to train like Dwayne the Rock Johnson?

By April 8, 2019No Comments

Unless you live under a rock (no pun intended) you must have seen at least one of the Rock’s workout videos. If not a workout video, you’ve seen him in a movie. Either way, you’ve noted his huge build. 

Want to hear what his workout routine is direct from his trainer’s mouth? Read on!

Dave Rienzi is Johnson’s strength and conditioning coach. He recently spoke with Men’s Health in an interview highlighting his key to success when it comes to fitness. He explained that Dwayne Johnson’s fitness regime is particularly challenging because most people his age are trying to maintain their fitness. The Rock is trying to evolve his fitness.

His first key point was that he changes the Rock’s training regime every 2-3 weeks. He explains that this helps to keep his muscles guessing. We’re guessing this is why he was open to sharing Dwayne Johnson’s secret leg routine! Given that he changes it up all the time, this guy has plenty more training tricks up his sleeve!

1. Hip Thrusts

To get Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Glutes firing he starts him off with hip thrusts. Dwayne performs the thrusts with an exercise band looped just above his knees for added resistance. This is key to helping Dwayne train pain free due to the personal injuries he has accumulated over the years. Dwayne has suffered multiple back and knee injuries so it is important he warms his legs up before getting into the workout.

2. Leg Press
  • 4 sets of 8 to 12 reps on each leg
  • 8 to 12 reps with both legs
  • Last rep 5 second static hold

After a basic warm up it’s time to move onto heavy compound movements. The unilateral machine helps Johnson to push each leg separately or together. He also has Johnson performing a static hold on one leg while pumping the other before switching, then finishing with a static hold. Talk about a lower body workout! Rienzi explains he aims to tire out the muscles before starting Johnson on the heaviest part of the workout.

3. Safety Bar Squat with Chains

Rienzi says he uses the addition of chains to vary techniques, load up the weight, and create tension on the quads.

“Johnson uses a safety bar squat rack setup in the video, which Rienzi says hits the middle point between the front and back squat and limits the strain on the knees and lower back.”

And if you think you get to rest for a few minutes in between each of these workouts you’re wrong. Johnson gets a minute to a minute and a half rest between sets!!

4. Walking Lunges
  • 3 rounds of 30 reps as drop sets
  • 10 steps with 2 chains
  • 10 steps with 1 chain
  • 10 steps with no chain

Finally, Dwayne Johnson’s leg workout closes out with walking lunges – weighted of course. He uses either a lunge or Bulgarian split squat to close out the routine with a unilateral movement.

The overall above workout should take an hour and a half which includes warm up, foam roller and stretching.