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What Body Fat Percentage Do You Need To See Abs?

By May 29, 2019No Comments

Although a consistent workout regime and specific diet will get you closer to seeing those longed for abs, your body fat percentage and where you store your fat will ultimately determine how long it will take.

Let’s begin by understanding what exactly body fat percentage is and how it can be measured.

What is Body Fat Percentage?

An individuals body fat percentage represents the total amount of fat mass they have. Your body fat percentage is made up of two different types of fat; with the first being your essential body fat and the second being your storage fat.

Essential body fat is all in the name; it is essential to your body. Essential fat not only protects your organs and joints, it also keeps you warm. Whereas storage fat is the fat that is stored energy in the form of adipose tissues and is typically the fat seen on your body.

How to Measure your Body Fat Percentage

There are a few different ways a person can measure their body fat percentage, with some methods working more accurately then others.

For example, you can measure your body fat percentage through taking skin folds or by stepping on an Inbody machine, which are typically found in gyms. Both of these measurements however aren’t as accurate.

One of the best ways to measure your body fat percentage is a DEXA Scan or Bodpod test, which are typically found in clinics.

What Body Fat Percentage Do I need To See Abs?

A number of specialists and trainers have confirmed it can be quite difficult to specify the exact percentage of fat an individual would need in order to see abs. However, it has been found that where you store fat, how much fat, and how much muscle you have will help determine when your abs will show.

It’s important to remember that everyone stores fat differently. For example, two individuals could have the exact same percentage of body fat, however only one may show abs.

However, with this in mind, there is a certain range in which you can aim for that should find you typically well sculpted in the ab region. According to Ryan Hosler, an NSCA-certified personal trainer and chiropractor noted that men should aim for a BFP of 6-17. With women typically aiming for 14-24.

Remember, you can’t spot reduce fat from your body. You can only reduce the overall body fat percentage.