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What exactly should you be eating on your rest day?

By March 15, 2019No Comments

You’ve hit the gym hard this week and it’s finally time to rest and recover on your day off. It takes approximately 24-48 hours for your muscles to repair after a strenuous workout. This means that it is still important to fuel your body on a rest day to aid in recovery, however what you consume is important!

What should you eat on your rest day?

According to dietician Kelly Jones, you need to eat a mix of carbs, fats and proteins, even when you are not hitting the gym. Carbs can be used to help fuel your recovery, fats help to reduce inflammation and support your joints whilst proteins are the key to muscle repair.

The one mistake most gym goers make is cutting back on protein on a rest day. The body continues to make protein almost 48 hours after a workout so it is important to maintain your protein intake.

Why you may feel the urge to binge on your rest day…

Research shows that straight after a high intensity workout, most people feel their appetite is suppressed. Meaning they may not take in as many calories as they have burnt during their sweat session. This may be due to the fact that when you exercise, blood is drawn away from the gut, which can reduce your appetite.

However, you may feel hungrier the day after if you are having a rest day as your appetite hormones (ghrelin) are returning to normal. With this in mind, make healthy food choices and stay hydrated to avoid binging and reversing your hard work.

To help your muscles recover quickly after an intense workout you can take supplements such as amino acids and protein powder.

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As well as the three essential Amino Acids, our formulation also contains Alpha Lipoic acid. Lipoic acid is critical in glycolysis and in the Krebs cycle, two complex biochemical processes essential for the generation of cellular energy. Lysine is also an essential amino acid that is a necessary building block for all protein and assists in building muscle proteins.

BCAA Supplements are optimal for:

  • An increase in fat burning and can support fat loss
  • BCAA’s trigger muscle protein synthesis
  • Aiding with long endurance activities
  • BCAA’s decrease muscle soreness
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