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What happens to your body when you drink alcohol

By January 30, 2018No Comments

Okay, so you’ve read plenty of articles on the negative effects of alcohol on your health, but do you know what happens to your body after you quit drinking?

Alcohol is sadly a huge contributor to weight gain and here’s why.

When you drink alcohol your body breaks it down into acetate (basically vinegar).

Once this process has occurred your body works to burn this off first before any other fats you may have stored. Therefore, when alcohol is in your body it’s harder for you to burn fat.

Not only does alcohol hinder your ability to make healthy food choices, the hangover the next morning doesn’t help. You’ll be less likely to exercise and continue to eat poorly throughout the day and possibly the week.

Meanwhile your body is still working off the excess alcohol and not the unhealthy food you’ve stockpiled. For every drink you have, you need to take away something from your diet or flog yourself harder at the gym. But even this won’t counteract the other adverse effects of alcohol on your skin and the inflammatory effects on your organs.

All in all, if you are looking to lose weight, alcohol is a big no-no.

But it’s not all doom and gloom.

The good news is that your body can bounce back once you quit alcohol.

Below is what happens to your body once you stop drinking alcohol.
What happens to your body when you drink alcohol | Trilogy Nutrition
24 hours

It’s been 24 hours since your last drink and your blood sugar is finally starting to normalise. However, if your ‘hangover day’ was filled with a run to the fast food place down the road then think again. Make sure this is the day you turn around the unhealthy eating with plenty of fruits and vegetables instead. Oh, we also can’t forget the diuretic effect booze has on the body resulting in dehydration. Hold onto that water bottle the day after (glass only of course).

72 hours

Three days have past and the hangover side-effects have officially exited you system. This is a time when you feel back to yourself, physically, mentally and some would say emotionally. Have you also noticed your craving for carbs has died down?

1 week

It’s been a week since that regretful glass and you might be getting back in touch with your sleeping pattern once again. And a deeper sleep means a bright day physically and mentally. You may also start to see your skin appearing more fresh and youthful, as hydration has been restored.

1 month

If you’ve made it to one month, we applaud you. Your liver fat has now reduced by approximately 15%, meaning your body can filter out toxins easier. Your stomach fat may have also reduced. Your skin could also be looking flawless, as the four-week mark is a big mile stone.

1 year

The 12 month mark came around fast and your risk of mouth, liver and breast cancer has reduced. It has also been said that up to 6 Kg of belly fat could have been lost by now. And if we are talking financially, if you were generous to yourself a year ago at the bars or clubs you entered then you’ve probably saved thousands of dollars.

Congratulations you are now a healthier, new you!