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What is an offset grip?

By January 29, 2019No Comments
Want to know what the offset grip is?

Expert trainer Benjamin Siong explains that you can always make your biceps workout more effective by tweaking angles and grip positions. 

Hold a dumbbell with your hand off-centre. Instead of grasping the centre of the dumbbell handles, hold them so that each thumb touches the outside head of the dumbbell. 

How does an offset grip increase the effectiveness of your basic dumbbell curl?

By adjusting your grip, it shifts the way the weight is distributed. This forces your biceps brachii – the most visible biceps muscle – to work harder as you perform a curl. Ben explains that the offset grip intensifies the load on the biceps in a supinated (palms up) position. 

“Often in a dumbbell bicep curl, supination through the bottom ranges is often lost or compromised as the wrist starts to weaken, and the brachioradialis takes over.”

Your biceps brachii is designed to bend your elbow and rotate your forearm. As mentioned above at the start of your bicep curl, your palms are in supination. As you curl your biceps brachii work to keep your forearms supinated. By maintaining an offset grip on the dumbbells, you are challenging your biceps brachii. Ergo a better workout.

Want to challenge your biceps in another movement?

Another way to target your biceps brachii is to perform a curl while lying face up on an incline bench. This position emphasises the long head of the biceps brachii to a greater degree than a standing arm curl. This is because it causes your arms to hang behind your body. 

If you combine this exercise position with an offset grip, you will have an effective arm building exercise.

Try it for yourself and feel the difference! Thanks Ben!