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What you can do in 5 minutes to help you lose weight?

By May 24, 2018No Comments

Seeing as we are all looking for quick fixes these days we thought we’d share a few things you can do in 5 minutes to help you lose weight. The catch is that these are the first steps to healthy mindfulness. However, the more you do these steps, the more you advance toward the path of wellbeing.

So, what you can do in 5 minutes to help you lose weight?

What you can do in 5 minutes to help you lose weight? | Trilogy Nutrition
  1. Pack your workout gear the night before.

    A lot of us like to exercise in the morning for two reasons. Reason one, being it’s a great way to start your day, boost your metabolism and energise you for work. Reason two, you are more likely to cancel an afternoon workout after a stressful day. A morning workout is a guarantee, that is if you prepare your workout gear the night before. According to research many people use ‘time’ as an excuse to avoid a workout. If you’re ready to go in the morning you have no excuse, and you’re one step closer to your body goals.

  2. Drink water before meals.

    This simple act can help to curb cravings and prevent you from overeating during your meal. Sipping water throughout the day will also help your body to identify when you are hungry and not just dehydrated. Green Tea and Matcha Tea are also great drinks during the day.

  3. Swap out chicken for fish three times a week.

    Fish is a great source of lean protein and Omega 3 Fatty Acids. These healthy fats fight inflammation in the body and are great for heart health. They also potentially even boost weight loss by helping you to feel fuller for longer and boosting your metabolism. Be aware of high concentrations of mercury in some fish and limit your servings to no more than 3 times per week.

  4. Sip on a coffee or have an espresso shot before a workout.

    Studies have shown that caffeine can help to increase your endurance and calorie burn during a workout. The simple act of an espresso shot before a workout may help you lose that little bit extra, and every bit counts!

  5. Have a protein snack post workout.

    Losing weight is not always about reducing your food intake. When it comes to building muscle, your body needs protein. Your muscles burn more calories a day than fat so it’s important to replenish them with much needed nutrients post workout. Opt for a low sugar protein snack 45 minutes after your workout. Be wary of some high sugar protein bars.

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