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Why you should be taking an intra workout supplement

By September 28, 2018October 18th, 2018No Comments

Why you should be taking an intra workout supplement

We are so excited to have released the first ever intra workout supplement that combines electrolytes and amino acids. ION AMINOS is our high quality intra workout supplement that has been designed to significantly boost your activity levels during your workout, without triggering your mechanical digestion. Mechanical digestion is the breakdown of food after eating. Up to 25% of your blood travels to the gut to facilitate the process which can significantly hinder your workout performance.

Why you should be taking an intra workout supplement | Trilogy Nutrition

Therefore, it’s so important to take your pre-workout within 30 minutes of working out and your post workout within 30 minutes of finishing your exercise.

Our ION AMINOS intra workout is a comprehensive amino and electrolyte blend scientifically formulated to restore balance in the body without unnecessary added sugar. Its benefits include:

  • Replenishing electrolytes lost during exercise. It may also assist in the regulation of blood pressure and balancing of tissue fluid in health individuals.
  • ION AMINOS may aid in the healing and repair of muscle tissue and support wound healing.
  • Supports exercise endurance to boost your workout performance.
  • Providesnutritional supportfor those who are unable to digest proteins well or are on low protein diets. It can also help to supress appetite to aid in weight management.

Check out all the amazing benefits for ION AMINOS Intra Workout here. ION AMINOS is currently available in Orange flavour and arriving soon in Blackcurrant!

FAQ Intra Workout Supplements

For those who are yet to try an intra workout supplement, here are some common intra workout questions answered below.

Will intra workout supplements help me to burn fat during my work out?

Yes. Studies show that intra workout supplements help to maintain elevated adenosine triphosphate (ATP), creatine, and insulin levels. This can result in increased strength and performance and fat oxidation.

Do intra workout supplements build muscle?

Yes. As well as increasing insulin and glucose secretion, intra workouts can help to build muscle tissue thanks to the amino acids.

Can I take a pre-workout followed by an intra workout?

Yes. ION AMINOS is designed to be compatible with your pre and post workout supplements.