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Why you should take Nutritional Supplements

By February 23, 2018No Comments

It is possible to gain essential nutrients and vitamins from a balanced diet, however most people need to take nutritional supplements to fill in the gaps or boost body and mind functionality.

People who lead a healthy lifestyle filled with the essential nutrients their body needs to function at optimum levels, are likely to have a reduced risk of chronic diseases and other ailments.

Many of us lead busy lifestyles and opt for nutritional supplements. This is completely fine if they are choosing to purchase quality products over marketing campaigns.

Here are 3 reasons to make sure you are taking quality nutritional supplements!

Why you should take Nutritional Supplements | Benefits of Supplements | Trilogy Nutrition
  1. Did you know you that as you age your ability to absorb nutrients from food decreases?

    As your metabolic rate also declines with age, simply eating more nutritious food isn’t the answer – unless you are counteracting the calories with energy exertion. Nutritional Supplements are great for all ages when taken correctly. However, it is important to be aware of your nutritional needs and supplement requirements, especially if you are older. Medications can also interfere with nutrient absorption.

  2. Are you an active person? Do you attend the gym daily or lead an active lifestyle?

    When you exercise your body needs extra oxygen and energy which in turn requires a post workout refuel of essential nutrients. Active people will more often than not find they require additional nutritional supplements. If you are depleted in essential vitamins you may find your exercise performance can be hindered.

  3. Modern day farming techniques can have an adverse effect on the nutrients obtained from food.

    Thanks to fertilizers and other modern day farming chemicals, the soil in which crops are grown can be depleted of nutrients. This means that the plants have less nutrients to absorb. Compiled with the fact that most plants are not harvested fresh, by the time they get to our plates their nutrient content is far less than we think.

At Trilogy Nutrition we are constantly researching and introducing new products with only the best and highest quality ingredients. Here are a few of our nutritional supplements below and why we love them.

Shop The Trilogy Nutrition BCAA Capsules

Our BCAA Capsules are made up of 3 amino acids, leucine, isoleucine and valine. It is essential we ingest BCAA’s as the body is unable to make them. Incorporating supplements and various food groups such as chicken, salmon and eggs into your diet is important.

BCAA’s increase fat burning and can support fat loss. They can also aid in muscle protein synthesis and have many other benefits essential for improved endurance.

To find out more check out our blog “What are BCAAs and why you need them” here.

Shop The Trilogy Nutrition Zinc Synergy Capsules

Our Zinc capsules feature a combination of two different forms of zinc. These assist in maintaining health, wellbeing and immune function. In other words, zinc can contribute to building muscle mass and keeping any bugs or circulating illnesses at bay.

Zinc is an effective anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent and can often improve your skin if you suffer from irritations or acne.

To find out more read our blog 5 Benefits of Zinc in your diet.

It’s important to understand the chemical makeup of each supplement to ensure you are not only ingesting quality formulas but giving your body what it needs and/or may be lacking.

We advise seeing a nutritionist to ensure you are taking the right supplements for your body.

Finally, here are Trilogy Nutrition our supplements are TGA and GMP approved and operate under stringent quality control and assurance procedures. We only use the purest and finest ingredients possible, and our products contain no GMO. Our products are evidence demonstrated and support scientific studies to back up all claims of improving your health.

To shop our Trilogy Nutrition supplements, click here.